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CMTEs for MT-BCs

Expert CEUs provides professional development courses for Board-Certified Music Therapists (MT-BCs) who are seeking to meet the requirements for re-certification by the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT). Expert CEUs (Approved provider number 142) has developed a number of courses to help MT-BCs improve instrumental skills, musical competency, and meet the ethics requirement. All courses […]

Our CMTE Online Courses

We’re happy to offer a variety of online CMTE courses for MT-BCs (Board-Certified Music Therapists) to meet the re-certification requirements as prescribed by the CBMT (Certification Board for Music Therapists). Below is a list of current CMTE courses. Please contact us with any questions. [wpt-shop title=’All Products’ class=” table_class=” product_cat_ids=” product_cat_slugs=” short=’asc’ min_price=” max_price=”]