Hula for Life

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Hula for Life helps you enjoy the dances and songs of Hawaii. You learn:

  • the six basic hula steps.
  • how to make beautiful hand gestures.
  • how to dance, play, and sing the Hukilau Song.
  • how to dance, play, and sing Pearly Shells.
  • how to dance, play, and sing Lahaina Luna.
  • how to identify the health benefits of participating in a hula program.

This course focuses of movement, learning dances, songs, and basic hula movements.

This course is a CMTE for Board-Certified Music Therapists who are seeking Board Re-certification from the Certification Board for Music Therapists.

Music Therapy treatment includes music and movement experiences of all types. Hula is a wonderful experience for children and seniors. Benefits include: increased mobility, coordination, timing, gross and fine motor skills, socialization, elevation of mood, reality orientation, skill development, reduction of anxiety, and more.


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