Our Team

Kalani Das, MT-BC

Kalani HeadshotKalani is a board-certified music therapist, a professional musician/producer, and certified Orff-Schulwerk music educator. He has worked with music legends: Barry Manilow, Yanni, Rod Stewart, Kenny Loggins, John Mayall, Suzanne Ciani, Benise, and others.

Kalani’s publications are known throughout the world and used by music therapists, music educators, and music facilitators. He runs training programs in the US and abroad and is a requested presenter at national and international conferences. Kalani has published over ten books, twenty videos, and several audio CDs. His credentials as a media producer extend from commercial radio to corporate training and health & wellness.

Kalani is currently music therapists at the Tierra Del Sol Foundation and the Centre for Neuroskills. For more about Kalani, visit gsmusictherapy.com kalanimusic.com, playsinglaugh.com.


Erin Bullard, MT-BC

ErinBErin is a board-certified music therapist living in Cincinnati, OH. Music has always been a part of her life. She grew up singing in choirs, playing piano, and improvising silly songs for her sisters during long car rides.  She received her bachelor’s degree in music therapy from Eastern Michigan University in 2003. After several years exploring a number of different populations, she found working with a variety of clients to be both challenging and refreshing. She started a small private practice on the East Coast shortly after completing her master’s degree in music therapy from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA in 2009. Her favorite part of being a music therapist is having an unswervingly loyal and honest co-therapist (the music) that connects to so many people in many situations on many levels.

After moving to Cincinnati, she traded clinical work for the chance to stay home with her three young children. In 2012 she started running family-based music groups and added group music classes for young children in 2013.  Erin also loves research and writing in music therapy and continues to learn as much as possible about current practices in music therapy. Since shifting her focus to child development, and understanding how music supports and influences that process, she is constantly reminded by her own children of how powerful music is for establishing strong relationships.