Q: How do I see the course details?
A: Select the course from the “Courses” list, then click on “Purchase this course.” You can read all about it before adding it to you cart.

Q: Do you offer free samples?
A: Absolutely! The first lesson of each course is on us! Free lessons are all listed as such.

Q: What is the quality of the video like?
A: It’s excellent. We use high-quality master files to create all our lesson content, video and audio.

Q: What is included in a course?
A: Courses are a series of lessons. Lessons often contain text, video, audio, images, and other files (PDF, PPD, etc.).

Q: How much material is presented in the course?
A: For a three-unit course, there is roughly three to four hours of material presented.

Q: How do I complete a course?
A: Complete each lesson. All lessons are followed by a short quiz. You must score 75% on each quiz before moving to the next lesson.

Q: If I don’t pass a quiz, can I re-take it?
A: Yes, as many times as you need until you pass.

Q: How long can I take to complete a course once I begin?
A: As much time as you need..

Q: When taking a course, can I pause for a few hours (or days – or weeks)?
A: Yes! We keep track of your progress so you can pick up where you left off.

Q: If I have a question during my course, can I ask the instructor?
A: Yes. We facilitate instructor-participant communication.

Q: Can I share a course with others?
A: Our policy allows for one learner and per account. Please do not share your account information.

Q: If I sign up for a course and find out that it’s not what I expected, can I get a refund?
A: Of course you can! If you decide that a course is not what you expected, let us know within two weeks of purchase and we will give you a refund.

Q: When and how do I get a certificate?
A: Contact Erin Bullard at playandsingerin@gmail.com once you’ve completed a course and she will get your the Certificate.

Q: How do I register for a live course?
A: Registration is easy and takes just a few minutes. It’s fast and secure. Watch the video below for more details.